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the scientific proof

Here is a sampling of recent articles in medical journals

here are the results and review of a recent study published in the journal AJA in 2018 (click here)

  • this study was done on 154 men with lifelong PE who previously had no satisfactory response to analgesic creams, SSRI's or ED meds such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra

  • 122 of 154 participants (79.2%) completed the study

  • the intervention consisted of 3 in-person visits per week, for 12 weeks. During each visits, they got 20min with a physical therapist, 20min of biofeedback, and 20min of Electric Stimulation (similar to our device)

  • at 3 months after the intervention, 90.1% of the participants reported satisfactory outcomes and gaining control of their ejaculation reflex. At 6 months post-intervention it was 85.3%. At 24 and 36 months post intervention, it was 64% and 56% respectively

here are our practical 'take-home' views from this study

  1. keep in mind that this study was done on the worst of the worst cases of PE ( no response to analgesic creams, SSRI's or ED meds). This group needed intensive in-person treatments as described above. In our experience in treating men with PE for over 25 years, most men aren't that badly afflicted, and respond very well to a home program of electrical stimulation. We reserve the in-person treatments for only those men who do not respond to the home treatments

  2. Again, in this 'worst of the worst' group, the results were excellent: 90.9% at 3 months, 85.3% at 6 months, 64% at 24 months, and 56% at 36 months. Considering that there was NO intervention after the initial treatment program, these numbers are great! In a real-life situation, as described on our website, roughly 50% of men put themselves on a maintenance program in order to not lose their control of the ejaculation reflex and continue to score high in satisfaction surveys.


from the journal Therapeutic advances in urology in 2014 (click here)

'Based on the present data, we propose pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation as a new, viable therapeutic option for the treatment of premature ejaculation.'

from the journal Physiotherapy in 2019 (click here)

'Pelvic floor muscle training appears effective in treating  PE'

from the Journal of sex and marital therapy in 1996 (click here)

'this therapy is easy to perform, has no side effects, and can be included among the therapeutic options for patients with premature ejaculation'



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