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does Dr. Bob's Ejaculation Control Trainer (ECT) work?

First off, you must understand that the ejaculation reflex is inhibited (stopped) by strong perineal muscles. These muscles are also referred to as pelvic floor muscles. By having strong perineal muscles and the ability to control them, you will control when you ejaculate.

Wether you've always had premature ejaculation (lifelong PE), have recently developed premature ejaculation (acquired PE) , or don't have PE but want to last much longer during sex and ejaculate only when YOU want to, you need to have strong perineal muscles. The good news is that like any muscle, if you exercise them, they will become firmer, stronger and will have more tone.

Dr. Bob's Ejaculation Control Trainer will work these muscles for you, correctly and effortlessly.

FIRST: First, find a comfortable space where you can sit or lie down. Perhaps use this time to read a book, listen to music, watch your favorite show or even just meditate calmly. Whatever you most enjoy.

SECOND: You have the choice of using our Fit-Right rectal adapter which is inserted in your anus OR use our special Stick-Right self-adhesive external re-usable electrodes that don't require being inserted into the anus

THIRD: Turn on Dr. Bob's ECT and increase the intensity, until you feel your pelvic floor muscles contracting naturally. It should be comfortable, and with zero effort on your part. The ECT ensures that the right muscles optimally contract each and every time.

USE: we recommend 15 minute sessions 3-4 times per week. Like any muscle strengthening program, optimal results are attained in 4-8 weeks, after which you may decide to stop completely or put yourself on a maintenance program.

See the WHAT DOESN'T WORK page to find out what will not help control your ejaculation reflex.


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