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  • How does the Ejaculation Control Trainer (ECT) feel? Does it hurt?
    It does not hurt at all! Gentle muscle stimulation feels like your muscles are contracting (pulling upward and inward), then relaxing. You control the level of stimulation, and should increase it until you feel a comfortable tightening of your pelvic floor muscles. Then just let Dr. Bob's ECT do its thing: contract the correct perineal muscles, each time, and every time.
  • How quickly will I see results?
    This depends on how weak the pelvic and perineal muscles have become. Many men see an improvement after a few weeks, however, for optimal results, studies have shown that the ECT should be used for 15-minute sessions, 3-4 times per week, for 4-8 weeks.
  • Why can't I just do Kegel exercises instead?
    a) Quite simply, if you have premature ejaculation, the muscles in and around your pelvic and perineal area are so weak that you cannot contract them well on your own. Further, most people who try to do Kegel exercises end up cheating and using the wrong muscles. Dr. Bob's ECT tones the right muscles, each and every time, effortlessly giving your perfect Kegels. b) Voluntary Kegel exercises alone will give you only a 40% contraction of the muscles in and around your pelvic and perineal area. Dr. Bob's ECT can activate up to 90% of the muscles. c) Most people do a dozen or so clenches, and then get tired...this will not change the tone of your pelvic and perineal muscles. Dr. Bob's ECT gives you 15 minutes of contractions every time!
  • Why do I need to use gel?
    A non-silicone lubricating gel (included free with each order) will conduct the current well, enabling you to contract the muscles in and around your pelvic and perineal area without having to turn the unit up very high. This is to be used only with the Fit-Right rectal adapter. The Stick-Right self-adhesive external re-usable electrodes to not require gel
  • What guarantee do you offer?
    We offer a Product Warranty against manufacturing defects for up to 12 months from the time you receive your order. The warranty entitles you to a replacement of the ECT unit.
  • What's your policy on returns and refunds
    Dr. Bob's ECT is a state-of-the-art medical device. For anti-tampering, health and safety, and hygienic purposes, once we have shipped out your product, we cannot offer any returns or refunds. As a customer, you can thus rest assured that the product we send you is itself not a returned item. For warranty questions, please see the product page or the warranty section of this web-page.
  • Who is Dr. Bob?
    We are a group of Doctors of Physical Therapy who have been practicing in mens' health for over 30 years. In the past, the units were so bulky and expensive that sessions had to performed in the clinic, at a cost of 1500 USD. With today's technological advances, we've been able to develop a portable ECT in an affordable home-use device that is just as effective as the clinical units.
  • How big is the Fit-Right rectal adapter?
    The Fit-Right rectal adapter is not too large at can see a photo of it here.
  • Where do I place the Stick-Right self-adhesive external re-usabel electrodes?
    You can see the placement diagram here
  • Is this like a vibrator?
    Not at all, Dr. Bob's ECT unit has no moving or vibrating parts.
  • How will it improve my sex life?
    Quite simply, by being able to stop/inhibit the ejaculation reflex, you will control when you want to finish. Not only will you last long enough to fully satisfy your partner, your new-found skill will boost your confidence and self-esteem allowing you to become a more confident and experimental lover.
  • Is it safe?
    Many many studies attest that devices similar to the ECT are safe and there aren't any adverse effects associated with them.
  • What if I've had prostate surgery?
    There is absolutely no problem in using Dr. Bob's ECT after prostate fact, it is often prescribed for men who are having incontinence or erectile dysfunction commonly associated with those types of surgeries.
  • Are there some people who shouldn't use Dr. Bob's ECT?
    Do not use Dr. Bob's ECT, without consulting your doctor, if you have a cardiac pacemaker Do not use Dr. Bob's ECT, without first consulting your doctor, if you have metal staples or implants in and around your pelvic area. Do not use Dr. Bob's ECT while you are suffering from a urinary tract infection or rectal infection Do not use Dr. Bob's ECT if you have tuberculosis, malignant or local cancers, high fever or undiagnosed pains.
  • I'm not sure if my ECT unit is working, can you help me with troubleshooting?"
    First off, if you are expecting it to vibrate, then of course I can understand why you think it doesn't work. Dr. Bob's ECT unit does not vibrate, it sends a mild electric current through the electrodes (the shiny parts on the Fit-Right rectal adapter OR the self-adhesive Stick-Right electrode) to naturally contract the muscles in and around your pelvic and perineal area. Here is how to test the unit: Place fresh batteries into the compartment as shown. Press the on/off button on the unit. Does it turn ON? If it turns on, you will see things on the screen. If the unit doesn't turn ON, stop here and let me know. If the unit did turn ON, turn it off please. Insert the lead wires into the Fit-Right rectal adapter, and the unit. Put the included gel on the Fit-Right rectal adapter, making sure the shiny parts have gel on them. Now hold the adapter in the palm of your hand and close your hand around it, making sure that there is contact on both electrodes (shiny parts) on the adapter. Now gradually increase the will evetually feel a current in your hand. This confirms that the unit is working. If it is not, let us know at which point during this process you are having difficulties. Now you can try the electrode rectally. You will increase the current gradually until you feel a strong yet comfortable current which will contract the muscles in and around your anus. If you want to test with the Stick-Right self-adhesive electrodes, just stick them on your thigh and test as above
  • I've lost my user manual, where can I find it?"
    You can download it here
  • It seems expensive?
    Actually, it's not...considering that similar sessions will cost you up to 1500 USD in a doctor's or physiotherapist's office. Dr. Bob's ECT was designed to be an affordable in-home unit that is just as safe and effective as the ones used by medical professionals.
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